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…through creative star-gazing, experiencing Sacred Sites travel, and exploring the ancient artist within. 

CREATIVE STAR-GAZING and discovering the sky at your birth through VISUAL ASTROLOGY allows you to learn and apply the secrets of Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian Astrologer Priests and Artists to your life.  Goddesses Astrology and Goddess Sites Travel offers balance and harmony within both men and women and with our beautiful planet.  Discovering your Power Locations and Sacred Sites Travel allow you to re-ignite your enthusiasm for your soul’s purpose, creative efforts and finding business opportunities .

Debbie Keil-Leavitt   is an astrologer for the masses who integrates the wisdom of the ancient Greek Goddess cultures & stargazer priests & story tellers with the insights of today's scientific discoveries.  This way she offers a unique, expanded approach to astrology that everyone can understand and appreciate.    She is a featured speaker on the newest on-line "interactive experiences that inspire soulful living" classroom:  SOUL CAMP. You may read some of her many ARTICLES on astrology. Debbie is a public speaker & is available for  Lectures, Classes, Consultations  and leads Travel Groups.  Complete BIO

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Travel with Debbie Keil-leavitt

The Magical Earth and Sky Temples of Malta and Sister island Gozo

With the Support of Sacred Sites Journeys   November2-8, 2014 


Experience the creative and healing energies of the Heaven and Earth Goddess sites on these two beautiful islands.  Before the Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and New Grange, Malta was a center of ancient wisdom and power.  Many locals believe that Malta was the last outpost of Ancient Atlantis, a mountainous region at the Easternmost Point of this mystical land than many seem to recall in some form.

Hypogeum Ritual Chamber with Perfect Resonance


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Azure Window, Gozo            

Soul Camp Classes With Debbie Keil-Leavitt

Each season visit one of the most magical, inspiring places on the planet with Debbie Keil-Leavitt.  Learn about the history, art and mythology that live in these powerful locations that you can tap.  A visual presentation and interactive discussion with travel information and opportunities provided. Our on-going, primal work of art is a “movie.”  When humanity began to see the star patterns moving across the sky on clear evenings they created stories that have lived through millennia in our mythology.  We join them in this inspired act the 4th Tuesday of each month this summer, 8pm EDT/5pm PDT.July Creative Star-Gazing with Debbie Keil-Leavitt

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