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     Debbie Keil-Leavitt  is an astrologer for the masses.  By integrating  the wisdom of the ancients, stargazer priests & story tellers, with the insights of today's scientific & psychological discoveries., she offers a unique, expanded approach to astrology that  everyone can understand and appreciate.   VISUAL ASTROLOGY,  Ancient Tools No Longer Forgotten, incorporates the Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian Astrologers.  Goddesses Astrology - Brings the Sacred Feminine to Life & Balance to Our Charts,  and Power Locations  A*C*G - AstroCartography: Understanding Your Best Locations.  The magic and mystery of our own living spirit is revealed in these methods, re-igniting our enthusiasm for our soul’s purpose.  Debbie is available for  Public Speaking engagements, Lectures & Travel  Workshops, & Classes on these special techniques.

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Debbie Keil-Leavitt is delighted to announce that she will be the featured speaker on Sacred Sites Journeys’ tour of Malta November 2-8th, 2014, followed by a Writers’ Retreat Nov 7-11th on the inspired Goddess island of Gozo. She can’t wait to see you there!


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November 2-8, 2014

  Former AOA President Debbie Keil-Leavitt, with the support of former AOA Speaker, Andrea Mikana-Pinkham of Sacred Sites Journeys will be offering a Magical Earth and Sky Pilgrimage to the Sacred Temples on Malta and Gozo.


Before the Pyramids of Egypt, as well as Stonehenge and Newgrange, Malta was a center of ancient wisdom and power.  Many locals believe that Malta was the last outpost of Ancient Atlantis, a mountainous region at the Easternmost Point of this mystical land that many seem to recall in some form.

"To have a sense of the power of Malta-Gozo’s ancient astronomy/astrology and Mother Earth-reverence sites,



Part 2 :

            If you would like to attend a spectacular video viewing followed by a discussion about the unique and fascinating Maltese temples, please contact Debbie at or CALL 816-774-4514 . Debbie will provide directions if you would like to attend in the KC area, or if you would like a viewing in a different city, you can let Debbie know and she will see about making such arrangements.

Here's where to listen to the program to 4pm your time...


REGISTER HERE: 2013 On-Line Class Offerings  PRINTABLE FLYER 

(16 Classes $20 each)

"Creativity & Self-Transcendence:  It's Our Nature"

Astrology: Where the Wisdom of the Ancients Meets Today's Life and Science

View Debbie's YOU TUBE video about her 2013/2014 Astrology classes and learn Why She Thinks Astrology works, along with an overview of the classes and how they will look when you attend.  Please note*** that she later made minor changes to the class schedule to accommodate more students world-wide, so please reference this follow up video with the more flexible, revised dates.

For a more extensive article on this subject by Debbie, click here

Debbie is offering special student scholarships for her classes.

Please contact Debbie: to see if you qualify. 

"After Debbie's return from Europe, her online classes are resuming on Wed. June 26th  7-9 pm CDT with a make-up session on Venus and Mars.  On Sat. June 29th at 1pm CDT, we'll discuss the exciting "Sulpa'e Jupiter Phase," so that you can enjoy its special meaning in the charts of John F. Kennedy and with a strong possibility that it was the "star" that the Magi were following to find the birth of the next "King of the Hebrews," Jesus.   A very similar series of events is taking place during the spring and summer of 2013!"


Recent Magazine Interview  "Not the end of the world..."

You can complain to me the day after if I'm wrong! Mars, not Mercury, is happy when he's with Venus, and he's the bad boy

 in the sky when left alone (visually)  without his lover or supervision from Saturn or Jupiter.

HEAR Debbie’s recent lectures at the AOA to experience the difference of including these techniques:  A recording of the original Mesopotamian Visual Astrology lectures by Debbie Keil-Leavitt  is available through these links:

Visual Astrology Part 1, Visual Astrology Part 2, Visual Astrology Part 3.

                                 Click here to view slides referenced in Debbie's talk

These methods are combined with Debbie’s extensive research on the newly discovered (dwarf) planets in our Solar System to offer a one-of-a-kind astrological experience honoring your ancient, eternal soul and what is needed and wanted of you in today’s world.   


  On March 14, 2012, there was an exact trine of the Venus & Jupiter to Pluto & Mars. For an example of the challenges the new planets represent in a person’s chart, read these brief examples of the astrology of “Abba, the Beach Boys and the Bee Gees” Natalie Wood,  Lucy Lawless as the Warrior Princess, Xena and how they lived their myths: Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys had a Niburu Jupiter, while John F. Kennedy had a Sulpa'e Jupiter.



The group ABBA, 1972 Agnetha "Anna" Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad


In our lives, these challenges are followed by transformative experiences allowing us to find the balance, compassion, sustainability, and love needed to make a difference in the world.


See & Hear Debbie’s lecture, with commentary by Dr. Dennis Harness on the importance of one of these unique new additions to our solar system, planet Sedna.  She is here to bring us an entirely new reality!   


MakeMake                  Haumea (Symbol)       Sedna, the Planet

After leaning how these methods reveal your blissful spirit, “role of your soul” and the best timing for your plans, explore the best locations for business, love, romance, success, inspiration and artistic expression through Astro*Carto*Graphy

"When the sun disappears and all seems lost...Suddenly countless ages and endless space

are revealed to us  through a choir of stars singing the story of our  eternal spirits."










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"Debbie's commentary on the Beatles was used on the popular astrological news website,  Here is a link to this excellent astrological site and service."

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