Debbie Keil-Leavitt

Reveal & Empower Your Blissful Spirit, Your Soul's Purpose…

…through creative star-gazing, experiencing Sacred Sites travel, and exploring the ancient artist within. 

CREATIVE STAR-GAZING and discovering the sky at your birth through VISUAL ASTROLOGY allows you to learn and apply the secrets of Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian Astrologer Priests and Artists to your life.  Goddesses Astrology and Goddess Sites Travel offers balance and harmony within both men and women and with our beautiful planet.  Discovering your Power Locations and Sacred Sites Travel allow you to re-ignite your enthusiasm for your soul’s purpose, creative efforts and finding business opportunities .

Debbie Keil-Leavitt   is an astrologer for the masses who integrates the wisdom of the ancient Greek Goddess cultures & stargazer priests & story tellers with the insights of today's scientific discoveries.  This way she offers a unique, expanded approach to astrology that everyone can understand and appreciate.    She is a featured speaker on the newest on-line "interactive experiences that inspire soulful living" classroom:  SOUL CAMP. You may read some of her many ARTICLES on astrology. Debbie is a public speaker & is available for  Lectures, Classes, Consultations  and leads Travel Groups.  Complete BIO

Transformational  Astrologer  * Writer  * Teacher  * Lecturer   * Tour Leader   

[email protected]     816-774-4514


Debbie is in the process of pursuing the astronomy and mythology of the UK this year for future teaching, so is offering a limited schedule of consultations, teaching, etc.  Feel free to contact her at [email protected] and she'll handle your questions and other needs. 

In the mean time, enjoy her newly uploaded San Diego Sedna lecture:

Sedna is an amazing myth for our current times as it demands resourcefulness, sustainability, respect for our planet, children, animals and the sacred feminine.  Please enjoy them and the other ancient goddess/astrology/astronomy talks from Malta that follow:  Video Part 1 on the astronomy and astrology of the phenomenal dwarf planet Sedna, with her (roughly) 11,000 year orbit around our Sun - and the message that she brings now that she's nearing Earth again....It’s about sustenance and survival…Visit to learn about free psychic chats available in connection with this.


The remaining video lectures are from Debbie's travels and studies to the magnificent ancient goddess sites of Malta and the remarkable Ice Age Art Exhibit from the British Museum.

Learn more about this magical, mystical place of Malta and all that it offers, listen to Debbie’s June 10, 2013 lectures:   Part 1: 2:, and Pt 3:   


Here are links to A Conversation with our Ancestors through the Ancient Temples of MALTA 
August 10, 2014

Facilitated by our Featured Speaker Debbie Keil-Leavitt & SSJs Director Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
A conversation about travel to Malta and its ancient temples - older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge and what the acoustical, architectural and astronomical wonders there might suggest.

Part 1/Introduction: Ancient Sites of Malta: A discussion on the ancient sites of Malta, their acoustical and astronomical wonders, and the possibilities of what these treasures may offer.

Part 2: Maltese Myth and Legend, Climate Change, the Early “Goddess” Period, and Ggantija. 

Part 3: Sound and Vibration, Ancient Sites of Malta: The Hypogeum’s Amazing Acoustical Wonders, an Ancient Healing Center? 

Part 4: Ancient Sites of Malta: The Sky, Our Shared Stars, Travel and Credits