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     Debbie Keil-Leavitt

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2013  Monthly On-LINE Astrology Classes with Debbie  PRINTABLE FLYER

"Creativity & Self-Transcendence:  It's Our Nature"

Astrology:  Where the Wisdom of the Ancients Meets Today's Life and Science



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Debbie is offering special student scholarships for her classes.

  Please contact Debbie: [email protected]  to see if you qualify.

$10 for scholarship student attendance for a single class  $10 for student scholarship recordings of classes


Part 1:  Eternal Sky Astrology: Integrating Past and Present Skies into Your Life’s Story

Each class will begin on Wednesday at 6:30 pm with a 1-1/4 hour (approx) presentation on the amazing stories that give a rich foundation to your view of the Zodiac Sign of the Month.  This will be followed by a 10-20 min. break.  We will then study a related Solar System body – Sun, Moon or Planet – for another 1-1/4 hours (approx) followed by question and answers.  The schedule follows: ***Kansas City Regular Meetings

                                          Private Tutoring Sessions are available for all Classes :      $60  each 1 hour  

***Dance of the Sun and the Moon Workshop  *Originally scheduled for Saturday, March 23, 2013  Click here  for more information on this very Special Introductory Workshop for all three teachers  Linda DeFeo,  Debbie Keil Leavitt & Quan Tracy Cherry

*We have had to reschedule this Saturday's workshop on "The Dance of the Sun and the Moon" to:

Thursday, May 9th, 2013   6-8:30 pm CST  Online    PRINTABLE FLYER

May will be an exciting time when we have both a solar eclipse and the birth of a brand new

1500 year lunar eclipse cycle - a new paradigm for humanity!


             April 9th    Aries and Mars, the Wounded Warrior      (Rescheduled from April 3rd)       $20    


"Debbie Keil-Leavitt will be teaching a workshop at the KC SpiritCon from 1-4 pm on April 13th in Overland Park.  Be sure to come and visit her table at the event on either day APRIL 13 OR 14TH, which will be hosted by various AOA members offering readings in addition to Debbie.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Please go to this link for more information:

May 1st Taurus – the Ancient Great Bull and Beaming Goddess Venus:                             $20   

June 5th:  Gemini Twins – Great Heroes of Brotherly Love/Communication                        $20 

***Monday June 10th – Debbie’s AOA class/lecture:  History of Astrology,

 Special Focus:  Goddess (Moon/Venus) Community Christian Church – 7-9 pm –

Free to AOA members and students, including recordings

Wed, June 26th (Note July Class– Solstice – Jupiter/His Exaltation: Cancer                       $20 

***Mon, July 8th AOA Astrologer’s Roundtable: Abundance and Flow: 

Exalted Jupiter in Cancer Grand Water Trine - Free to AOA members and students, including recordings

August 7th Leo – the Fiery Mane of the Sun and the Great Lion                                            $20

September 4th:  Virgo, the Great Goddess of the Harvest                                                      $20     

           New Planet Ceres/Demeter, the Mother/Grain Goddess of Rome/Greece


*** Sat. Sept. 8th7:30 pm, location TBA & online (lecture/recording included)

             Blessings of the Harvest Goddess Sky-Viewing Dinner Party                                               $20  

October 2nd:  Libra, the Scales as the Gates/Great Threshold to the House of the King  -

                         The Exalted Planet Saturn                                                                                            $20     

***Tues, November 5th:  Pot-Luck Dinner Party: 5-8 pm (lecture/recording included)

Rebirth after Eclipse:  Samhain with Grandmother’s Recipes/Wisdom                                             $20  

Wednesday, November 6th: The Great Scorpion and its Life Amidst the Depths of our “Underworld”    


***Monday, November 11th:  AOA Lecture:  Discussion of the Total Solar Eclipse with Debbie Keil-Leavitt

Community Christian Church, Country Club Plaza  – Free to AOA members and students, including recordings

December 4th:  Sagittarius, the Great Archer, His Relentless Focus

              and the Galactic Center.  Plus, an expanded view of ruler Jupiter                                       $20   

***Saturday, December 21st, 4-7 pm, CST, location for sky-viewing TBA & online


Special Class: Venus “standing still” in the sky,  Mercury and the Sun meet and align with the Galactic

January 8th, 2014:  Capricorn the Ancient Sea Goat, the Wise Lawgiver                              $20

February 5th:  Aquarius, the Great One and Uranus – Planet of Affinity                                   $20  

March 5th:  Pisces, the Fishes/Swallows Tied by the Sacred Knot                                                $20

                                                        Neptune and Chiron in Pisces


Note:  The remainder of your months will be dedicated to your personal studies, really fun homework assignments – like movies(!), special bonus events and the option of deeply discounted personal coaching sessions and chart assistance during the remainder of the month.  Completing the full program successfully prepares you for the rigorous online certification program with Starlight Creator Dr. Bernadette Brady and her partner at AstroLogos, Darrelyn Gunzberg!

All 16 classes including regular class events plus the 3 sky-view/dinner recorded events - with recordings/materials are $20 each with special discounts offered for 1 personal coaching/tutoring session/mo and chart assistance/interpretation at $60/hour after the class.  You may also pay in advance with over 20% discount of $255


for all 16 classes/recordings, or $755 (over a 40% discount for all classes/recordings and 1 private session 1 hour per month


 that may include chart comparisons of you and someone special in pursuing your studies.  Whether you pursue astrology or not, these classes offer valuable insights into your life and it’s unique story. 

Note:  Coming in 2014-15: Part 2:  Eternal Sky Astrology:  Integrating the Past and Present Skies into Your Life’s Story.  The important Northern and Southern Constellations and Stars along with  5 Extensive Studies/Workshops on the New Planets representing the dominant themes of all humanity’s nations and cultures – themes of sustainability – nothing less than whether humans are still viable to the Earth and the Universe and Survive in the Future!  With successful completion of this 2-year program, you will be certified in “Eternal Sky Astrology:  Integrating the Past and Present Skies into Your Life’s Story