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Debbie Keil-Leavitt has been practicing astrology since 1972. She is the former President of the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers in Kansas City and is now acting as Vice-President of Programming and Event Promotions. Debbie is certified as an astrologer by ISAR, as well as being certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, Mythic Astrology and Bernadette Brady’s Fixed Star Paran Method, and a Diploma in Visual Astrology from AstroLogos. She has lectured and led workshops on these varied subjects since 2002, and has appeared in various publications regarding the mythology/astrology of today’s celebrities. Debbie is one of the cutting-edge astrologers researching the amazing newly discovered members of our Solar System known as the "dwarf planets".

Debbie was a lecturer on Greek Mythology and Ancient Sites on the Wisdom School Odyssey to Greece, September, 2002, Ancient Oracles 2010 Tour of Egypt on the Ancient Egyptian view of the stars and has assisted in arranging other educational/inspirational trips. Her published works include astrological work in "The Beach Boys and the California Myth,"* by David Leaf, and an article on Beach Boy Dennis Wilson which appeared in “”The Endless Summer Quarterly” (info. at  Debbie is also a regular contributor to the site.

Debbie resides in Kansas City, Missouri while also enjoying a location in Baja California. For information on Upcoming Events & Tours, or to enjoy a PersonalConsultation from Debbie, including your special role in the powerful mythology associated with our beautiful sky full of stars:

*David Leaf, The Beach Boys and the California Myth, © 1978, 1985, Courage Books, now out of print, pg. 104.


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