Tender, loving arms surrounding us with warmth, love and eternal forgiveness…ever nourishing and kind:  This is at the Heart of the Goddess, the Beautiful Source that we seek, within and outside ourselves.  In her astrological readings, Debbie Keil-Leavitt works with you to hear the nurturing Goddess voices at the source of your chart. (link)


When we hear these voices in our chart calling us Home, we find Goddess in her many facets:  The gentle, fragile mother who meets our needs; the fun, sexy partner looking to create with us; the wounded child seeking healing; the woman spinning – seeming to be in fragments as she tries to care for all that she loves; the wife and partner; the fire in the hearth of home that keeps burning; the adventurous explorer with her special view of all that is new.  They are all speaking now from special, revealing points in everyone’s chart, man or woman. 






An Introduction to the Goddesses in your chart.  While some appear quite new to us, they are also ancient, profound and personal, once we listen:








Goddess Fountain Pomona in Kansas City


The Sea Goddess Voices Newly Revealed to Us:

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Sedna:  The Inuit Sea Goddess is back from the depths and is in our neighborhood.  She is shouting for our attention.  She addresses the deep wound our planet and many women (and the sensitive/vulnerable part of men) have endured in humanity’s quest for knowledge and survival.  She is the voice calling for the protection of our environment (for our own good), women’s rights and animal and children’s rights…all those seeking to heal.  She also speaks in individual charts so that needed healing can be addressed.


Haumea:  The Polynesian Mother Goddess has taken many forms over time and speaks to our viability as nurturers of our own children and our beautiful home, Mother Earth.  She addresses our many, many facets and commitments. She requires that we define ourselves and recognize our own integrity, our “whole-ness,” and what is not essential.  Her presence in your chart is where you peel away all that isn’t essential to you, and return it to the compost heap that will nurture others.


Eris:  She reminded Pluto, the god of Underworld, that size isn’t everything, and that nothing is truly permanent.  Ready or not, this lady shakes things up and awakens us to that which has grown useless and needs to be discarded.  She shows you the place in your chart that will allow potent “breakthroughs.”


Quaoar:  The creator/creatrix entity of Southern California who sang and danced the universe into existence.  How perfect an energy for this creative area (Hollywood, etc.) on our planet and the creator in our souls!  He/she handed off” this creativity to us…It is now our job to develop and maintain this energy within ourselves.