Life, Guided by the Stars

5500 (est.) year-old Kilclooney Dolmen, Donegal, Ireland, appears to be older than Stonehenge. It is part of a pair of dolmens described as the "beds of Diarmuid and Grainne, runaway lovers of Celtic Myth. While these ancient structures have basically been considered burial chambers, archeoastronomers are discovering that the culture that built them appears to have been aligning such megaliths with the Sun, Moon and Stars. At about that same time, in Mesopotamia and Egypt, ancient astronomers were inventing astrology as we know it today.

Humanity has a rich history of developing wisdom through the guidance of the stars. At about the same time Kilclooney Dolmen (photo) was built, and astrology was beginning in the Middle East; the Austronesians, the people who populated Australasia and the South Pacific, were setting out in canoes to traverse the millions of miles of open ocean that make up this vast area of our planet. These amazing people would eventually colonize this huge area using "wayfinding." which incorporated reading the ocean currents and wave patterns, observing the activities of the indigenous creatures, utilizing the wisdom and training of their elders, their intuition, and ultimately relying on the stars to guide them, through celestial navigation. A'a - the star we know as Sirius -- was the guide they used to reach Tahiti. Hokule'a -- the star we know as Arcturus- was also followed, as it was overhead at the latitude of Hawai'i.


What all of these distant peoples shared at that time was a common planet, and the Universe, as viewed from Mother Earth.  Out of this common experience, remarkably similar mythologies grew and became the sky lore that lives within our human psyches, and thrives across our planet today. 

All of the technologies provided by the stars, and the ancient wisdom associated with them, have come together in the relocation and travel services offered by Celestial Voices Navigation- Astrological Mapping, Together, this combined wisdom and technology find the best locations on Mother Earth for you. Celestial Voices Navigation will guide your move to a new location, or a special trip to a place, so that you find the planetary and/or stellar energy you wish to experience in your life.

Depending upon your personal chart you might seek a location where the Sun and the star Betelgeuse meet for your success as a powerful career person; you might look for a location where Neptune and Vega come together for creative or spiritual inspiration; or you might look for Venus/Mars locations for an experience of passion and love in your relationship. In any of these cases and more, location and time both play a role, and astro-mapping can serve as the guide to your inspired and magical journey through life.





                        "Rapa Nui Bird Man, Makemake  on approach to Kalaupapa Airport, Molokai, Hawaii.