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…through creative star-gazing, experiencing Sacred Sites travel, and exploring the ancient artist within. 

CREATIVE STAR-GAZING and discovering the sky at your birth through VISUAL ASTROLOGY allows you to learn and apply the secrets of Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian Astrologer Priests and Artists to your life.  Goddesses Astrology and Goddess Sites Travel offers balance and harmony within both men and women and with our beautiful planet.  Discovering your Power Locations and Sacred Sites Travel allow you to re-ignite your enthusiasm for your soul’s purpose, creative efforts and finding business opportunities .

Debbie Keil-Leavitt  is an astrologer for the masses who integrates  the wisdom of the ancient Greek Goddess cultures and stargazer priests & story tellers with the insights of today's scientific discoveries.  This way she offers a unique, expanded approach to astrology that  everyone can understand and appreciate.    She is a featured speaker  on the newest on-line classroom:  SOUL CAMP. You may read some of her many ARTICLES on astrology. Debbie is available for  Lectures, Classes, Consultations and leads Travel Groups.

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Public Speaking Topics,  Workshops & Lectures by Debbie Keil-Leavitt


Public Speaking Topics


Visual Astrology:  "Chart like an Egyptian.”

Debbie explains the "heliacal rising and setting" stars in a chart and how they have similarities to your Sun sign, Moon sign and Nodal Axis.  She also gives examples of the ancient sky religion that developed through observing star phases and how that appears in natal and mundane charts.  The passion and power of these ancient mythic/religious energies is then described in the manner that it drives celebrity and attendee natal charts.  Recordings and Related Slides at:


"Visual Astrology: An Introduction to the Mesopotamian Roots of Today's Astrology"

See the planets as the Ancient Mesopotamian Astrologers did…As real players interacting across the powerful backdrop of their 18 constellation “zodiac.” 12 of these constellations are quite similar to the 12 zodiac signs of today, but these are enhanced by the inclusion of nearby constellations covering the broader path of the Moon and Venus. They could “see” the activities of their client/king’s associates and rivals that were coming in their predictive work.  These techniques are still powerful today.  Debbie will provide examples of recent and current political events as well as attendees’ natal chart examples showing how these recently revived techniques enrich any chart reading including Nibiru Jupiter, rising, setting and “enchanted” Venus placements and more.  Recordings and further description available at:

"Our Transforming Age:  Modern Gods and Goddesses of the Sky"

Our newest planetary discoveries are as pertinent to our time as when the discovery of Uranus hearkened the age of electro-magnetic awareness, and Pluto arrived with sub-atomic discoveries.  These cross-cultural creator/destroyer gods and goddesses and their rich mythologies speak to our personal and social needs to be all that we can be today.  Debbie introduces you to these unique, fascinating entities with celebrity and attendee chart examples.

A striking example is the power that new planet Sedna had in the Full Moon Hurricane/Winter Storm Sandy chart in it’s landfall on the East Coast just before All Hallow’s Eve, 2012.  Some amazingly myth-specific natal charts include this Inuit Sea Mammal Goddess through “Splash” star Darryl Hannah and Natalie Wood and the chart of her tragic drowning.  Attendee charts will also be examined for the Sedna and other New Planet placements.  See: for more info.

"Ancient Goddesses Unchained"

From Mesopotamian Erishkigal to Egypt’s Hathor and the great animal Goddesses, Debbie introduces us to ancient Venus in her multicultural forms and techniques and the various goddess constellations later “chained” by Greek mythology   Attendee chart examples are examined. Further descriptions available at:

"Location Astrology"

As a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Practitioner, Debbie Keil-Leavitt applies these popular techniques and includes mapping of the prominent stars in a person’s chart.  She presents various event and natal chart examples, including those of attendees in her interactive introduction to using mapping techniques in unique and potent ways.  See:

"Neptune in Pisces:  An Ocean of Diamonds and Dreams"

From the liquid diamonds that may be hidden by Neptune’s enchanting blue atmosphere to remarkable new films and other works of art, Debbie describes Neptune in Pisces from an historical as well as artistic point of view with example charts:  See article at:

"The Living Myth of Celebrities and Everyday Life"

Debbie uses celebrity and attendee examples to show how we live the mythic stories told in our natal charts with the stories endlessly unfolding, even beyond life itself.  In her recent “Mythic Transit Tale” of the stories of Gemini Twins Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney, Debbie shows how the stories unfold through their lives.  See attachment and link:

The ancients overcame their fears of the darkness and the unknown to follow the stars as guides in exploring our beautiful Mother Earth a priceless gift that they have given us. Debbie is honored to use the brilliant language of those same stars to cut through the foggy darkness of your personal fears and address the outworn areas of the story of your life.  Beyond this darkness is the Great Promise you made to yourself for your life.  It is your personal myth and your public dream* , and it will prove to be the most magnificent story you have ever heard.  It is the Fiery Star that is Yours!



"The Newly Discovered Dwarf Planets:  Powerful Voices Whose Time Has Come"


Like their fellow dwarf planet, Pluto, the newly named and discovered dwarf planets are already proving to be very powerful astrological tools that are highly pertinent to our time.  They offer profound insights into natal and mundane charts.  Sedna, the Inuit Sea Goddess, demands that we recognize sufficiency and sustainability in the face of greed, betrayal and fear, and that we overcome our deepest wounding to become greater beings.  Haumea, the Hawaiian Mother Goddess, requires that we know the boundaries to set in order to maintain the health and abundance of our planet for future generations.  Makemake, the “Bird Man” hero and god of Rapa Nui, insists that we show the courage to protect and honor our “tribe,” our species, along with the intelligence to integrate our skills and technology with our environment. They speak to our willingness to honor the sacred trust we have with our planet and our fellow man. 
Debbie Keil-Leavitt,  is a certified professional astrologer practicing since 1972.  She is also certified in A*C*G (astro-mapping), in Mythic Astrology and in the Fixed Stars.  Debbie is one of the pioneers in this new area of research and will offer important keys to using these newly named members of our solar system in your future readings.  She will offer fascinating examples of the new depth they can offer by presenting celebrity and event charts including G. W. Bush, 9-11, Katrina, Natalie Wood & MacKenzie Phillips.



"Bird Man Makemake’s Sacred Trust – An Astrological Tool for a New Age"


At the Known Edges of Our Solar System is the Polynesian Bird Man Makemake, a dwarf planet like Pluto.  His myth, from the island of Rapa Nui ( Easter Island ), is proving to be profound in reading both natal and mundane charts.  For example:  It was very powerful in the 9-11 events and the Bush Administration (“bird men” were the source of the tragic event), and may shed light on the sad and still mysterious event of Natalie Wood’s death, as the myth indicates agility, or its lack, on the edge of the water. These examples, along with attendees’ charts, will be examined during the evening.

Additional lectures and workshops are available.  Please contact  [email protected] for any special requests.   816-774-4514


Past Lectures, Workshops and Classes:

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Alan Oken interpreting Debbie's talk into Portuguese at Santorini - on the Edge of the Caldera Debbie and Arielle Guttman beneath
Athena's Olive Trees, Parthenon
Debbie and Diane Trimbath of Design Edge Sailing the Nile. Debbie's talk took place while sailing through the Esna Locks followed by her leading star-gazers looking for Isis (star Sirius)from the top deck
"The Cutting-Edge of Astrology"
Kansas City, June 11th, 2012 7-9 pm
Community Christian Church

Recommendations and information on ordering special educational recordings, etc. are provided at this lecture by Debbie, along with the exciting, cutting-edge discoveries from the top astrologers in the world.

Debbie will also be teaching the class "Astrology’s Magical Roots" on July 7th, 2012 at the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers final
certification for beginners. Waldo Library: (please see the
The Aquarian Organizationof Astrologers website for information).

Visual Astrology: The Mesopotamian View – Kansas City – Sept 2011
Click here to view slides referenced in Debbie's talk .

Visual Astrology: The Egyptian View – Kansas City, Jan 2012
Click here to view slides referenced in Debbie's talk .

The Egyptian Star Parans
Lecture – SCAN, Orange County, CA, Mar. 2003
Lecture and Workshop – Kansas City, Nov. 2003
Lecture and Workshop – Kansas City, Dec. 2010
Lecture – SDAS, San Diego, CA, 2010
Lecture – Ancient Oracles Tour of Egypt, Oct. 2010

The New (Dwarf) Planets
Lecture/Workshop – Kansas City – Dec. 2009
Lecture – New (Dwarf) Planet MakeMake – SCAN, OC CA – Mar 2010

Locational Astrology
Lecture – Kansas City, Sep 2010


Other Lectures/Workshops

Lecture – Santorini Atlantis and the “Parting of the Red Sea?”
with Allen Oken and Arielle Guttman - Santorini, Greece – Sept 2002

Lecture – The Asteroids and Humor, Kansas City, Jul, 2005

Workshop – Greek and Roman Mythology, Astrology and the Stars, Oct 2005
(with Elizabeth Cutting Greek and Roman Feast)