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      "When the sun disappears and all seems lost...Suddenly countless ages and endless space are revealed  to  us through a choir of stars singing the story of our eternal spirits."



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is the Official Travel Site for the unique offerings of Astrologer, Debbie Keil-Leavitt   Debbie offers very special tools for your life by combining the use of the most powerful and prominent stars (link to PDF – to be provided) in your chart with astrological charting and mapping techniques (link to bio description of this).  With her extensive training and counseling experience in all of these areas, Debbie introduces the star energies that “fire you up” to reach your dreams, along with the best locations and timing to use them for:

·         career

·          relationships

·         spiritual quests

·         and romantic, spiritual and/or educational trips.  

Debbie works in partnership with Jill Connor (link to bio – to be provided), a well-known travel consultant with astrological knowledge.  They plan trips for clients that are harmonious with their astrological maps in all of the areas listed above.  If you wish to plan a trip based on your astrological information, Debbie and Jill are happy to assist you.  Group tours are also in the process of being arranged.