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The ancients overcame their fears of the darkness and the unknown to follow the stars as guides in exploring our beautiful Mother Earth – a priceless gift that they have given us. Debbie is honored to use the brilliant language of those same stars to cut through the foggy darkness of your personal fears and address the outworn areas of the story of your life.  Beyond this darkness is the Great Promise you made to yourself for your life.  It is your personal myth and your public dream* , and it will prove to be the most magnificent story you have ever heard.  It is the Fiery Star that is Yours!



October  12, 2009 Kansas City Astrological Society


The meeting is held in the upstairs room at Aquarius Bookstore at 3936 Broadway in Kansas City, MO.  
Tel:  816-931-6303.


"The Newly Discovered Dwarf Planets:  Powerful Voices Whose Time Has Come"


Like their fellow dwarf planet, Pluto, the newly named and discovered dwarf planets are already proving to be very powerful astrological tools that are highly pertinent to our time.  They offer profound insights into natal and mundane charts.  Sedna, the Inuit Sea Goddess, demands that we recognize sufficiency and sustainability in the face of greed, betrayal and fear, and that we overcome our deepest wounding to become greater beings.  Haumea, the Hawaiian Mother Goddess, requires that we know the boundaries to set in order to maintain the health and abundance of our planet for future generations.  Makemake, the “Bird Man” hero and god of Rapa Nui, insists that we show the courage to protect and honor our “tribe,” our species, along with the intelligence to integrate our skills and technology with our environment. They speak to our willingness to honor the sacred trust we have with our planet and our fellow man. 
Debbie Keil-Leavitt,  is a certified professional astrologer practicing since 1972.  She is also certified in A*C*G (astro-mapping), in Mythic Astrology and in the Fixed Stars.  Debbie is one of the pioneers in this new area of research and will offer important keys to using these newly named members of our solar system in your future readings.  She will offer fascinating examples of the new depth they can offer by presenting celebrity and event charts including G. W. Bush, 9-11, Katrina, Natalie Wood & MacKenzie Phillips.



March 10,  2010   Southern California Astrological Network  SCAN


"Bird Man Makemake’s Sacred Trust – An Astrological Tool for a New Age"


At the Known Edges of Our Solar System is the Polynesian Bird Man Makemake, a dwarf planet like Pluto.  His myth, from the island of Rapa Nui ( Easter Island ), is proving to be profound in reading both natal and mundane charts.  For example:  It was very powerful in the 9-11 events and the Bush Administration (“bird men” were the source of the tragic event), and may shed light on the sad and still mysterious event of Natalie Wood’s death, as the myth indicates agility, or its lack, on the edge of the water. These examples, along with attendees’ charts, will be examined during the evening.


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