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 Debbie Keil-Leavitt

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Debbie Keil Leavitt


"Creativity & Self-Transcendence:  It's Our Nature"

Astrology:  Where the Wisdom of the Ancients Meets Today's Life and Science




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June 20, 2013 7PM-9PM Community Christian Church

The Aquarian Organization of Astrologers presents

Sky Wisdom from the Ancients……From the Cave Dwellers of 40,000 Years Ago -

to Malta’s Astronomical and Goddess Worship Sites - to Today…

Our Dreams & View of the Sky Drive Our Lives    Click here for PDF FLYER


View Debbie's YOU TUBE video about her 2013/2014 Astrology classes and learn Why She Thinks Astrology Works, along with an overview of the classes and how they will look when you attend.  Please note*** that she later made minor changes to the class schedule to accommodate more students world-wide, so please reference this follow up video with the more flexible, revised dates.

Debbie is offering special student scholarships for her classes.

  Please contact Debbie: [email protected]  to see if you qualify.

$10 for scholarship student attendance for a single class  $10 for student scholarship recordings of classes


Debbie will begin her 2013 on-Line Class Offerings  PRINTABLE FLYER (16 Classes $20 each)

All 16 classes including regular class events plus the 3 sky-view/dinner recorded events - with recordings/materials are $20 each with special discounts offered for 1 personal coaching/tutoring session/mo and chart assistance/interpretation at $60/hour after the class.  You may also pay in advance with over 20% discount of $255

 for all 16 classes/recordings, or $750  – over a 40% discount for all classes/recordings and 1 private session 1 hour per month

that may include chart comparisons of you and someone special in pursuing your studies.  Whether you pursue astrology or not, these classes offer valuable insights into your life and it’s unique story.  Click here for registration

Sun/Moon Image used with permission:  2004©Jay Ouellet, [email protected],    Photo: Cover “Discovery Magazine


Additional lectures and workshops are available.  Please contact  [email protected] for any special requests.   816-774-4514