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is your source to find the best locations for living your greatest dreams in life.  Debbie Keil-Leavitt  offers unique and special tools by combining the use of the most powerful and prominent stars (link to PDF – to be provided) in your chart with astrological charting and mapping techniques (link to bio description of this).  With her extensive training and counseling experience in all of these areas, Debbie introduces the star energies that “fire you up” to reach your dreams, along with the best locations and timing to use them for:

 For astrological star mapping in planning your future opportunities and special trips, please contact Debbie at  

 e-mail  [email protected]om  310.560.1520   949.340.0161


YourAstroMap’s developer, Debbie Keil-Leavitt, has been practicing astrology since 1972.  She is a Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioner and Mythic Astrologer, tutored by Arielle Guttman, one of Jim Lewis’s (link to Continuum site: original students (A*C*G was developed by the brilliant Mr. Lewis).  Debbie is also a Fixed Star Astrologer certified by highly-respected astrological pioneer Bernadette Brady in her Ancient Egyptian Method for star readings.  Both rigorous programs have produced a very limited number of certified practitioners.  Mastering both techniques has allowed Debbie to effectively apply the stars beyond the zodiac (link to same PDF as above) to her astrological mapping, counseling, research and lectures. 

This “whole sky-whole earth” view of our individual roles within the great myths of humanity allows new richness and insight in Debbie’s astrological work.  Debbie also specializes in aviation safety in her astrological research.  She served as a technical writer in this area for more than 10 years, and had the privilege of being named an "Outstanding Young Woman of America” in 1987, as well as receiving a special honor from the Airline Pilots Association, for this work.  Debbie is also a sailor and pilot who has a Certificate in Aviation Safety from USC.  

Debbie works in partnership with Jill Connor, a well-known travel consultant with astrological knowledge, to plan trips for clients that are harmonious with their astrological maps.  If you wish to plan a trip based on your astrological information, Debbie and Jill (for bio see starmapping-travel order page) are happy to assist you.

Note:  Debbie was a lecturer on Greek Mythology and Ancient Sites on the Wisdom School Odyssey to Greece, September, 2002 and she has up-coming lectures and workshops you might enjoy. 

Her published works include astrological work in "The Beach Boys and the California Myth,"* by David Leaf, and an article on Beach Boy Dennis Wilson which appeared in “”The Endless Summer Quarterly” (info. at  She has also provided online consulting and entertainment for Beach Boys supporters at various sites.

*David Leaf, The Beach Boys and the California Myth, © 1978, 1985, Courage Books, now out of print, pg. 104.

Debbie resides in Kansas City, Missouri while also enjoying a location in Baja California. For information on Upcoming  Events  & Tours, or to enjoy a Personal Reading from Debbie, including your special role in the powerful mythology associated with our beautiful sky full of stars:

About Your Star Reading    

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
-- Albert Einstein

The Stars are the points in our charts that, when we are in touch with them, speak, sing or shout, "you and I are not 'things,' we are Living Spirit ready to express our unique voices." They offer the opportunity to go beyond mediocrity.  No wonder humanity has painted our most profound myths and our eternal dreams across the sky.

The actual age of the sky myths may be mind-boggling. In August, 2000, BBC News announced that a prominent German researcher, Dr. Michael Rappenglueck had concluded that the beautiful 16,500 year-old cave paintings at Lascaux, France were a "prehistoric planetarium," as they showed a depiction of the Pleiades, and other star groupings. This asterism was depicted above the shoulder of a great painted bull-like figure, just as it is seen to be connected to the constellation Taurus (the bull) today.

The fact that we still consider the Pleiades to be in the shoulder of the bull, over 16,000 years after the beautiful Lascaux caves were painted, shows what an ancient part of us still speaks in these images. This "knowing of a sacred story of humankind" is deeply imbedded in our personal and shared consciousness, is potent in our unconscious decisions on a daily basis, and can be available to us in its highest expression as we become conscious of it.

The Myths Lying Deep Within our Culture, and Our Own Unconscious Minds, Reveal Themselves Through Our Astrology Charts.

By observing the "dance' of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars ancient man created our calendars, our clocks and astrology --our fundamental view of time and space itself.


Newgrange, Ireland-Over 4000 years old ~

Aligned with Sunrise at the Winter Solstice




Your astrological chart provides a picture of the unique point in space and time that only you express, so we can turn to astrology for a personal map and calendar in the journey of your life.

Debbie Keil Holtsclaw is happy to provide that personal astrological map and timetable, combined with your star reading, offering the rich new astrological insights that are now available through the revived technique of star parans.

On any given night, we can view the brilliant light of a star that is now reaching us after 600 years, another beamed its light 5000 years ago. We can truly sense our timelessness and eternal spirit through this "free show" where space and time dissolve into sparkling visual harmony. Including the stars in your astrological reading shows your unique expression of spirit within that harmony.

Debbie Keil Holtsclaw of Celestial Voices is one of a very small number of astrologers, worldwide, who are certified by Bernadette Brady to practice her paran method of star interpretations utilizing her "Starlight" software*. This ancient Egyptian technique is combined with the unique feature of computing the heliacal rising/setting stars **** (see adjacent box) at the time and place of your birth. The heliacal rising star was viewed by the ancients as "returning from the underworld" as the heliacal setting star is "once again concerned with human affairs." These stars were key in the calendars of the lives of these ancient people.

Today's scientists continue to discover that sites as ancient as the pyramids, as culturally diverse as mounds built by nomads in Mongolia, and as active in Western culture as mediaeval cathedrals, are aligned to the heliacal rising and setting of various planets and stars. While these aspects of our charts have been generally ignored by modern astrologers, Debbie can also provide you with this valuable information in her star reports.


2002—Debbie at the site of Demeter’s ancient Mysteries at Eleusis

"Archeoastronomers are discovering the alignment of great ancient monuments and temples with special times of moonset, sunrise and the heliacal rising and setting of stars. F.C. Penrose, F.R.S.C., in an article in Nature, Feb 25, 1892, "Attic Feasts Sirius and the Temple at Eleusis," indicated that: "The great temple of Eleusis is an example (of a temple aligned with the heliacal rising**** of a star)...The star which seems to have determined the orientation is Sirius, shining as it rose at midnight along the axis of the temple on Sept 14. The Eleusinian mysteries are stated to have commenced on the 16th of this month..." "But when Orion and Sirios are come into mid-heaven, and rosy-fingered Dawn sees Arcturus [September], then cut off all the grape-clusters." -Works & Days 609f '"

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